What is the difference between a property settlement and a divorce?

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1 Jun

A divorce and a property settlement are two different legal processes. A property settlement is the formal division of property, interests and financial resources following a couple separating. Discussions regarding the division of assets can occur as soon as a couple separates. The Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) provides that parties have twelve (12) months from the date of a final… read more

1 Mar

There are two ways to make a property settlement legally binding: the first is to file Terms of Consent or Consent Orders with the Family Court of Australia; or the second is enter into a Binding Financial Agreement. This can only be done with lawyers advising both parties independently. Some benefits of the agreement being legally finalised are that it… read more

1 Feb

This question is often important to property settlement discussions post-separation, when budgets are at times in a state of flux and are at other times stretched to their absolute maximum. The first and most important thing to remember is that if the mortgage is in ‘joint names’, then both parties are legally responsible for the payment of the mortgage. If… read more

16 Sep

After separation both parties continue to have parental responsibility for the decisions relating to the children. Generally, this decision making power relates to long term decisions with each parent retaining autonomy for the day to day decisions whilst the children are in their care. As a general rule, when negotiating, parents will always purport to have regard for the children’s… read more

26 May

There are countless times when people have said to me that their understanding is as soon as two people are together for two years, they are obligated to split their net assets in half if they separate. Other people have said to me, “I have been dating X for two years so now I am entitled to half of their… read more

7 May

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. They are all here to stay. But what role do they play in separation and do people create problems by not fully thinking about the consequences of posting? A few questions constantly plague the mind of a family law solicitor. Why people cannot appreciate the pitfalls in social media is one. Take for example the client (let’s… read more

21 Mar

Family Law for Same Sex Couples. At O’Neill Family Law, we are dedicated to providing solid legal advice to same sex couples. The practice of family law advice in relation to same sex couples covers a wide variety of areas such as surrogacy, parenting arrangements, property settlement and defacto maintenance.

21 Mar

A Family Lawyer you can trust Family law deals with a wide scope of relationship and matrimonial matters. The Family Law Act and associated items of legislation contemplate disputes related to marriage, separation & divorce, child support and parenting arrangements, spouse and de-facto maintenance, paternity, surrogacy, child protection and adult child maintenance to name a few. Generally, parties to a… read more

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