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The Division of Property

A fundamental service that O’Neill Family Law offers is guidance and advice on how to go about the division of property in the event of a separation.

Generally, people who find themselves amidst a separation have questions as to how to deal with the following:-

  • Real estate such as places of residence and investment properties;
  • Motor vehicles;
  • Furniture and Contents;
  • Bank Accounts and Cash Savings;
  • Businesses;
  • Shares;
  • Collections such as Artwork or coins;
  • Superannuation; and
  • Pensions.

Property settlement is not a compulsory 50/50 split

Contrary to some myths associated with property settlements, there is no “set formula” as to who should keep what.

It is accepted that a “just and equitable” result can only be reached after considering what there is to divide, what each party contributed and what each party needs moving forward.

Every day, the team at O’Neill Family Law guide people through what their property settlement entitlements are likely to be.

We aim to maximise that person’s entitlements according to the law as it stands.

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