Same Sex Couples

Family Law for Same Sex Couples.

At O’Neill Family Law, we are dedicated to providing solid legal advice to same sex couples. The practice of family law advice in relation to same sex couples covers a wide variety of areas such as surrogacy, parenting arrangements, property settlement and defacto maintenance.

Family law matters can be incredibly complicated and difficult to navigate on top of the emotional strain that they often cause for a family. Same sex couples might find the emotional strain even more taxing if they are working with a lawyer that doesn’t fully understand their needs or is not familiar with the unique issues that they are facing by a same sex couple that are separating.

At O’Neill Family Law, Director Ben O’Neill has acted for many same sex couples over a prolonged period of time. If you are in the situation where you find yourself separated from your same sex partner you will find the support and legal advice that you need and you can rest assured that Ben and his team will work side by side with you to seek the best resolution for you and yourfamily. The O’Neill Family Law team will also work tirelessly to make sure that you experience the optimal level of understanding and empathy to what can sometimes be a complex situation.

If a consultation with Ben or one of his team, contact O’Neill Family Law today.

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