Family Law Injuctions

March 21, 2016

Sometimes the ‘days of our lives like sand through an hourglass’ line seems all too realistic in the family law sphere. At times, disgruntled lovers seek to hurt each other. At other times, one parent takes steps to ensure the other cannot see their children. There have been occasions when parents didn’t know their children […]

Parenting Arrangements

March 17, 2016

Can we agree between ourselves? You and your former partner can agree on the future arrangements of your child or children after separation between you and without assistance. Contrary to some misconceptions, you do not have to go to court and most Australians finalise their own arrangements without the intervention of the Court or lawyers.

Divorce Lawyer

March 15, 2016

A Respectful Separation – Possible or Myth Divorce can be very hard on some people and the process is often complicated with other responsibilities such as managing social relationships which were previously managed in the context of a couple. Children can complicate the process even further emotionally and financially as often, despite the best efforts […]