Parenting Arrangements

Can we agree between ourselves?

You and your former partner can agree on the future arrangements of your child or children after separation between you and without assistance. Contrary to some misconceptions, you do not have to go to court and most Australians finalise their own arrangements without the intervention of the Court or lawyers.

Coming up with a workable plan is not always easy though, and therefore, often the best approach is to work with lawyers who understand the likely outcome if agreement cannot be reached and the likely expense (both emotional and financial) of being involved in the Court process.  Good lawyers can also reduce voluminous amounts of legislation into practical and sensible advice in simple terms capable of being used by parents for their benefit.

It is worth noting that there are a number of viable methods in formalising parenting arrangements once agreement is reached. One method does not suit every situation. In some situations, parents may be looking for flexibility and are looking to adopt a “see how it pans out” mentality. In other circumstances, parents wish for detailed arrangements to be followed strictly.  Whatever the parents are seeking may be best achieved by using some methods of formalisation but not others. That is where a skilful and accomplished lawyer is invaluable.


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