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Family law deals with a wide scope of relationship and matrimonial matters. The Family Law Act and associated items of legislation contemplate disputes related to marriage, separation & divorce, child support and parenting arrangements, spouse and de-facto maintenance, paternity, surrogacy, child protection and adult child maintenance to name a few. Generally, parties to a dispute will benefit from some input from a family lawyer.

Finding the right family lawyer to deal with those issues is not always easy. There are many lawyers who market themselves as being the “one to see”. Even with the availability of online review mechanisms, it remains a tough choice for most and an important one. To most, notions of loyalty, trust, approachability and honesty are likely to loom large when it comes to choosing a family lawyer but it still remains a difficult choice when sorting out which lawyers have the traits most are seeking and which do not.

If individuals in tough situations wish to see those traits in their family lawyer, Ben O’Neill at O’Neill Family Law is the right choice. Ben is an expert in his field and is fully equipped to handle all court and out-of-court arrangements as well as advise and recommend the best solution to any family law problem. In 2015 he was recognised by his peers in the profession as being a “Leading Family Lawyer” in the Darling Downs by the independent Doyle’s Review. Ben’s knowledge comes with a reputation as being approachable, effective and resolution-driven for his clients and his service is second to none.

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