Family Law Injuctions

Sometimes the ‘days of our lives like sand through an hourglass’ line seems all too realistic in the family law sphere. At times, disgruntled lovers seek to hurt each other. At other times, one parent takes steps to ensure the other cannot see their children. There have been occasions when parents didn’t know their children had moved overseas with the other parent. There are even circumstances where one party finds out the matrimonial home is about to be sold when they have had no input into the sale. On each of these occasions, depending upon the circumstances, an injunction stopping a party from doing something may be sought from the Court. In simple terms an injunction serves as notice from the Court that a party is not to do a certain act or thing.

Often in family law an injunction will be necessary not  next month, not next week and not even in two days’ time. It is often imperative that action is taken immediately. In those circumstances the right advice in a timely manner is crucial to the prospects of clients achieving their desired result. Without it, clients may jeopardise their chances of having a just and equitable property distribution effected or otherwise, of implementing arrangements that are in the best interests of the children from their perspective.

O’Neill Family Law has a team who know everything there is to know about when an injunction is necessary or beneficial. They are also able to provide advice about alternatives to seeking an injunction from a Court.  If you have any questions regarding injunctions or otherwise, stopping someone from acting in a manner that may be to your detriment, contact the team at O’Neill Family Law.


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