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A Respectful Separation – Possible or Myth

Divorce can be very hard on some people and the process is often complicated with other responsibilities such as managing social relationships which were previously managed in the context of a couple. Children can complicate the process even further emotionally and financially as often, despite the best efforts of both parents they are also directly affected. It is especially challenging when parties’ views are differing to the point that, despite their best efforts they cannot agree as to what is a just and equitable distribution of property or otherwise what arrangements are in the children’s best interests. This prolongs matters and often makes it more emotionally taxing for everyone involved.

Whether or not children are involved parties have the option to end their marriage in a respectful manner. That being said, it is arguable that the existence of children should lead the parties to place more emphasis on ensuring an element of respect is maintained throughout the separation process. A respectful separation, managed carefully so that children are not adversely affected in the process is difficult to achieve at times but nonetheless achievable with the right assistance. Without the right specialist knowledge and assistance, the prospects of significant legal costs being spent, emotions being heightened unnecessarily and children being adversely affected increase significantly.

O’Neill Family Law is a specialist law firm. The team is experienced and have the necessary expertise required to make sure that clients are able to end their relationship in an amicable way, whilst keeping dignity and integrity intact and causing as little disruption as possible to the wellbeing of the children.

Undoubtedly, there is no easy way to do things when it comes to separation, however it needs to be understood that with the right expertise it is possible to go through the process amicably whilst maintaining a sense of self-respect and confidence and ensuring the children are not affected negatively.

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